The Bouquet Le Rhin pays homage to the visit of the master of modernism, Pablo Picasso, in 1932 to the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois. Back then, Picasso spent the whole night on his balcony to be inspired by the imposing Rhine. Our bouquet Le Rhin fascinates with strong blue and green, the dominant colors of the Rhine, but also two often used color moods by the master.

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Le Rhin bouquet

VAT Included
  • Our Signature Bouquet Le Rhin will be available again in May.

    The picture is an interpretation/pattern variant of our bouquets, the flowers may vary depending on the season.

    Bouquet size M on the picture
    (diameter approx. 30 cm)

    Bouquet size L
    (diameter approx. 35 cm)

    Bouquet size XL
    (diameter approx. 40 cm)